Monday, November 27, 2017

Fingerlings Glitter Monkey Rose(Pink) In Stock $17.99!

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Right now you can score the Fingerlings Glitter Monkey Rose in Pink for $17.99. This is another Amazon exclusive so move fast as it can only be bought here and is sure to go out of stock quickly.

Fingerlings Glitter Monkey Sugar(White) In Stock $17.99!

The  Fingerlings  White Glitter Monkey Sugar is now available for $17.99 on Amazon.  This exclusive will likely go out of stock again quickly so run over now to snag the deal.

Fingerlings Glitter Monkey Amelia In Stock $17.99!

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If you have been in search of this Amazon Exclusive head over there now. Amelia the Fingerlings Glitter Monkey is now in stock at a price of $17.99. These are going out of stock fast so head over soon.

FINGERLING Monkey Bella (Pink) In Stock $14.99

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If you missed out on the white and black versions of the Monkey Fingerlings, you can  snag the pink one now. The WowWee Fingerlings - Interactive Baby Monkey - Bella for only $14.99 on Amazon. These keep going out of stock so move quickly.

LUVABELLA Doll In Stock $76!

If LUVABELLA Doll is on your kiddo's list and you haven't found it yet, RUN to Amazon. The LUVABELLA - Brunette Hair is currently available for $76.49! Hurry these will sell out fast.

Fingerlings Monkey Finn (Black) In Stock $14.99

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 Right now you can head over to Amazon and snag Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey Finn for shelf price of $14.99. These keep going out of stock so be quick.

Fingerlings White Monkey $14.99 In Stock

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Another one I don't expect to last long. The Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey Sophie is back in stock on Amazon at shelf price of $14.99. Head over soon before its out of stock.