Thursday, May 3, 2012

Daily Challenge~ Spring Challenge #22 & #23(Day of Prayer)

Spring Cleaning Challenge #22

Well ,yesterday I did my challenge, but realized I didn't post it so today I am posting it along with the current challenge. For those of you who coupon you likely have a small stockpile of things, some larger than others. What I have realized over the years is occasionally you need to clean out your stockpile so that you don't have things expire. I would much rather donate something than trash it later. I like most of you try not to overbuy, but sometimes our tastes change or we buy a few of something and we decide we don't like it. For instance my husband asked me to get him Swiss cake rolls for his lunch. I bought him 2 boxes, he ate 1 and decided he was going to cut out some sugar from his diet. Why let them sit their until they expire when I can donate them to a missions group or the local food bank? Clean out your pantry today and see what you can share with those less fortunate.

Challenge #23~ Day of Prayer

As I got on facebook this morning I had a great reminder from a lovely woman that today is the National Day of Prayer for Our Country and it's Leaders. I find it so easy for people to get caught up arguing over politics from decisions to the President, etc. I will be the first to say I did not personally vote for Obama. However, the fact remains he is our President and we should pray that the Lord lead him and other members of government in the right direction. Please join me today and challenge yourself to pay for our government and the they are open to God's agenda not their own.

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