Saturday, October 7, 2017

What I Use To Plan My Week

As a mother we usually find ourselves wearing various hats. We are chefs, tutors, taxi cab drivers, nurses, a cleaning service, and more.  Our list of tasks seems never ending. How do you keep track of it all without dropping all of the balls?

For me I start every Sunday by planning and prepping.  I searched for years for a  planner I both love and is affordable. I have seen rave reviews on the Erin Condren planner and while it looks amazing it just was not in the budget. After more researching I finally found the Happy Planner. It had a great set up and with Amazon lightning deals it was affordable.

Now that I had this awesome planner I needed to fill it in. My planners have always been very basic. They served their purpose, but they certainly weren't pretty. I came across the create365 stickers and fell in love. Something about having an aesthetically  pleasing planner made me want to do my weekly planning. It was no longer just another task on my mom to do list. Stickers added, I set out to fill in my personal goals and my families activities for the week.

In the past I had always written those to-do lists in pencil. Why? Because life changes, kids require you to be fluid.  I secretly loved all those moms who shared those awesome color coded calendars, but for me they weren't practical. That was until I found the Pilot  Erasable Pens. I was leery of how well they would work. I remember using erasable pens as a teen and only partially erased and smeared, but these pens are amazing! They allow me to color code and change our schedule with our ever flowing schedule.

These are the tools I use, stay tuned to find out how I set up my planner and how I meal plan. Until next time, have a blessed day!

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