Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankfulness Day 13 &14

I will start by saying I did actually do these, they just never posted so I am combining and posting today:)

Day 13
Today I am thankful for my awesome children and the ability to spend time with them. I am in the childcare business and while I love it, my kids ALWAYS have to share there space, toys, and honestly if you ask them more importantly their mom. Sure there are fights over toys and such, but there are alot of times they want to climb on my lap and have me hold them and read to them, but I have to care for someone else who needs a diaper change, bottle, time out, etc. However, today we have no other kids visiting us and we are able to spend time together(even get out of the house!!! which is a big thing for us). I wouldn't change my life for anything, but I am thankful for the special moments I get to just hold them and nothing else matters or takes priority for that moment.

Day 14
Today I am thankful for my wonderful and loving husband. Of course there are days he drives me nuts or we don't see eye to eye, but honestly he is a good , loving, God-fearing man. I am so proud of who he is and that his family only takes the second to God and God alone.

I had a rough day today(life of a typical mom!). One of my daycare kids woke both my kids up early creating cranky kids on all fronts, then I swear it was a full moon or I was speaking a foreign language to them all day.I had issues with some things I was trying to accomplish during nap time, and the husband messaged me and said he was working late(praise the Lord for money, but ohh what a day I could have used him home). Only to get home and try to get something accomplished in our upstairs addition. We decided to do some spot painting while the girls played in the empty rooms with ride-ons. We have done it a million times before, but this time was a little different. Our 22 month old decided shed test out the paint and put her entire hand in the gallon of white paint and proceeded to put it all over the floor(the only finished floor upstairs!), as well as her black shirt and dark jeans(literally my favorite outfit). After a cry for help to my husband who forgot to mention he was leaving the room, we managed to get the mess cleaned up and finish the job. It doesn't sound so terrible(and isn't my means of measure), but I know there are moms out there who know what I mean with I say it was a million little things that went wrong that day and in the end my husband worked so hard just to make me smile. He didn't get frustrated or complain he had a long day too, he smiled and got the kids ready for bed so that I could sit and take a break. He ran and got me my medicine that I could have gotten myself, he gave me one of those endearing looks from across the room that says "I Love You", he did what he could to make me smile rough day or not. There are countless reasons as to why I am thankful for my husband and today was just one of them.

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