Monday, March 5, 2012

Consignment Sales

So my favorite time of year is upon...SPRING!!!

I absolutely love this time of year, I love walks in the sunshine, taking my kids out to play, the flowers blooming, and most of all I love CONSIGNMENT SALES!!! Finding a bargain is a huge game to me and it allows me to stay in my budget. If your kids are like mine they have outgrown the clothes they were in last year and are in need of new clothes! Consignment sales offer fantastic prices for high quality clothes. I have compiled a list of some sales local to the Pittsburgh Area below. Also, go here to find more sales or sales for other cities.

March 9-12: Fox Chapel Kids
March 15-17: Little Blessings Dressings
March 17-24: Snuggle Bugs
March 29-31: Cents & Sensibility 
April 20-22: Cents & Sensibility 
April 27-29: Kid Mania
April 27-29: Westmoreland Kids
April 27-May 6: Wow Wee
May 4-6: Centsible Moms
May 18-20: Just Between Friends

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