Monday, March 5, 2012

Daily Challenge

This week I was planning to start my Spring Cleaning Challenges ,but this morning I woke up  to 3 inches of SNOW!!!! It doesnt feel much like Spring here so I think I am going to hold off. I believe Spring Cleaning is done best when you are truly motivated and I just don't see that in this White Winterland. So today's challenge...

In our house I make all the meals and my hubby does all the dishes. I'm sure you can all relate we all have things that we do each day to help our home run more smoothly. This week our schedule is very busy so this morning before all the kids were up I did a load of dishes just to help him out. Today do something to help your other half out. Take the garbage out, shovel the sidewalk, whatever little chore you can do to help him out.

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