Friday, March 2, 2012

Mommy Tips & Tricks~ Dentist

A few weeks ago our daily challenge was to make an appointment, well I so happened to make one for the dentist. So yesterday my husband and I took our daughter to her first dentist visit. I was excited and anxious to see how she would react. As the day approached I began to think what things would make it exciting versus scary for her. I knew the big chair, the tools, strange people, and massive light would intimidate her since she is very shy.

So a few days before I began making a big deal that we were going to see the dentist. I tried to make it sound fun, by telling her she was big now so the dentist could count how many teeth she had. Also, that they may try to tickle her teeth. The biggest thing was I let her wear her sunglasses. This had a dual purpose. First, it kind of helped her to "hide". It may have been an illusion, but it worked. Second, it helped keep the light out of her eyes when she was on the "big chair" as she would call it. As  adults we just take for granted that we can look away from the light or at least not directly in it. Toddlers don't rationalize that way so the sunglasses helped eliminate the problem.
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